Saturday, June 11, 2005

Welcome To Information Overload Here ...

I created this blog in 2005 and just today, I'm making some edits for the first time since 2010, that's pretty sad. Maybe I'll keep her up, maybe not.  Today is June 10, 2013!

This blog is going to be a place to speak my mind about whatever concerns me most intensely on that day... some days it will seem pointless and other days very focused, which is similar to the neuronal activity in my overloaded mind. It's rough being your own webmaster, site designer, graphic artist, SEO manager, marketing department, article writer, ezine publisher, web host, domain registrar, software salesman, infopreneur, entrepreneur and that's just the online jobs. However, I bet there are thousands of us, and so thankfully, I'm not alone, and there is some consolation in that.

Do you ever feel torn apart between managing your projects for the day (or letting - should I say watching helplessly - as they pile up and loom larger than life in your face) and you can't seem to prioritize them in any workable manner? This happens every single day to me. I have deduced that having over thirty separate email accounts to keep track of is part of the problem. But time management is difficult when you are *supposed to be* doing the job of five people on forty websites (and drowning in the overload).

I'm all "ears" for any viable suggestions here. My friend Ron Hutton did have a wonderful one... he says check your email first thing - answer the urgent things then SHUT IT DOWN. Don't even look at it for at least four hours, then you can focus intently on whatever project you are doing at the time without the interruptions of that familiar email computer tone or voice that is akin to the ringing of a phone... 'making' you stop what you are doing to respond to it. (Pavlov's dog anyone?)

My problem with becoming a millionaire is the old "poverty mindset" that was ingrained by a grandmother and mother who didn't have much beyond a little savings account in the bank and maybe some US bonds. We're not talking silver spoon birth here. My first job paid 75cents/hour when I was 17 years old, so that tells you I'm not a kid! (well, I am at heart)

I bought my first computer as a gift to myself when I was 48 and graduated from nursing college. It was an IBM 486-DX-266 with a "gigantic" 512K hard drive and 4MB RAM.... a 15" monitor, a Star SJ-144 printer and I took it all out of the box (the only windows I'd ever heard of at that time were the kind you wash or look through) and put it together and taught myself how to use it. The whole setup at that time cost me two thousand dollars and it took me two years to pay it off. :-)

You'll probably laugh when I tell you that I was actually scared of the internet and didn't even get online for over six months after I bought the computer. I used it for games and rudimentary word processing. Once I discovered it though, there's been no stopping me from learning everything I can as fast as I can.

After 11 years of dialup - I finally got high-speed internet... it's wonderful!!)

Well, I don't want to bore anyone to death, and besides, my RSI is acting up again, so I hope that someone has enjoyed reading this new blog and will look forward to more entries as I find time and energy to post.

May your day be blessed and fruitful,

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